Touch 'n Foam No Warp® Window and Door Sealant

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    • Low pressure formula guaranteed not to warp frames or jambs
    • Fills and air seals better than fiberglass
    • Stops drafts to minimize energy loss
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    Touch 'n Foam No Warp® Window and Door Sealant

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    Touch 'n Foam No Warp® Window and Door Sealant

    item # 102308


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    Touch 'n Foam No Warp® Window & Door Sealant is specially formulated for use around window and door frames. While it can be used as an all-purpose foam, this revolutionary expanding polyurethane foam is designed to air seal without exerting pressure that can be detrimental to window or door frame stability."

    "This low-pressure foam is actually self-venting which means that once it fills the void, the trapped CO² leaves the product – unlike conventional polyurethane foam that may continue to expand and apply pressure. This is ideal for sensitive areas (like window and door frames where the gap can be sealed without bowing the frame – even if the area is overfilled with foam). The end result is an air-tight seal around windows and doors that lowers energy costs without harming your home.
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