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Farnam Roll-On 12101 Fly Repellent, Liquid, Hazy Yellow, Sweet, 2 oz

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Repels and kills house flies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies from sensitive areas of the face and head of horses and Apply around animal s nose, eyes, ears, mouth and also around wounds and other surface lesions. Works hours at a time.<br /<br /><b>Ingredients:</b> Pyrethrins-0.40%/Piperonyl Butoxide Technic-Al*-1.00%/Di-N-Propyl Isocinchomeronate-1.00%/N-Octyl Bicycloh-Eptene Dicarboximide-0.40%/Other Ingredients-97.20%//*equivale-Nt To 0.80%(Butylcarbityll)(6-Propylpiperonyl)0.20% Related.