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    Founded by William E Aubuchon in 1908, Aubuchon Hardware is the oldest family-owned and managed Hardware Store chain in America. With more than 100 stores in New England and Upstate NY, we've been a local mainstay for generations. Over the years we've grown, but we still earn our customer's trust and loyalty the old fashioned way: By having the items you need, at prices you can afford, with the convenient shopping experience and friendly, knowledgeable service you expect.

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    From Left to right are William E. Aubuchon Jr., M. Marcus Moran Sr., Peter J. Aubuchon Sr., Andre R. Aubuchon, Bernard W. Aubuchon Sr., M. Marcus Moran Jr. and William E. Aubuchon III.

    A look back at our roots

    The widowed Georgiana L'Abbe Aubuchon sold the farm and moved her family to America on the Rutland Railroad in 1900. Prictured from left to right are William e., Georgiana, Albanie Marie, John B. and Arthur Joseph.

    1900 Start Of A New Life

    As so often happens with immigration into the United States, it all began with adversity. And so it was with the Aubuchon Family. On April 3, 1901, a young widow, Georgianna Aubuchon and three of her four teenage children left Canada and entered the United States in search of employment and a better life. They came to Fitchburg, MA, where the two eldest, William and Arthur began working in the yarn mills. Albanie remained at home with her mother, while John stayed for awhile with an uncle on a farm in Yamaska, P.Q.

    Life was not easy, but there were many French-Canadians making the same transitions. They migrated to the same areas of towns so that they could maintain their language and customs, but at the same time learn the "new ways."

    1908 Company Founded

    Eventually, William (Willie) left the mills and began working for Mr. Emile Dion, who owned a hardware store in the French-Canadian section of Fitchburg-Cleghorn.

    On February 9, 1908, Willie bought out Mr. Dion and the first Aubuchon Hardware store was born.

    This is the oldest know photograph of an Aubuchon Hardware store. It was taken in 1909 at 112 Fairmont Street in Fitchburg. Shown left to right are Alfred Boucher, Phileas Quintal and his son, William E. Aubuchon Sr. and Gonzague Marien.
    Picture of the brothers where they were in a play at St. Joseph Church Hall in Cleghorn; John B. Aubuchon is on the left and William E. Aubuchon Sr. on the right.

    1920 The Early Years

    By the end of the 1920's there were eight stores in central Massachusetts. At the same time Willie's brother, John, joined the Company and his older brother, Arthur, was running his own hardware store.

    1930 Growth & Adversity

    The 1930's brought growth. Twenty-two more stores were added which included the first New Hampshire stores. But, these were also times of adversity. It was a difficult time for the nation and Aubuchon Hardware also felt set-backs. The first problem was the Flood of 1936. The whole Warehouse at 28 Rollstone St. in Fitchburg was under 8 feet of water. Three boats and a canoe were used to pluck the floating merchandise from the water. As the water receded, items were scooped from the mud and silt. After school, the children of the family would go to the Warehouse, where they washed and cleaned all salvgeable items. The loss was $60,000, a sizable amount of money in those days. As they were just beginning to recover from the Flood, there was the Hurricane of 1938. Damage again was severe. The roof was torn off one end of the Warehouse and the water damage was as bad as it had been in the Flood. But, once again, Willie perservered. Here was a man who only went to the fifth grade, but he had a "can-do" attitude. He saw opportunities. He seized them. He surrounded himself with smart people. And his success continued to grow.!

    Aubuchon's entire workforce poses outside the original headquarters on 28 Rollstone Street in Fitchburg, MA also know as warehouse B.
    Visiting the Cleghorn store in Fitchburg, MA in 1947 from left to right are J. Paul Aubuchon, oldest son of John B. Aubuchon (who is standing next to him), William E. Aubuchon Sr. with his oldest son, William E. Aubuchon Jr., to his left and Peter J. Aubuchon Sr., the third son of William E. Aubuchon Sr.

    1940 The Second World War

    During the 1940's many of the young men went to serve their country during World War II. Expansion of the Company was not in the forefront of everyone's mind. But, by 1948, with the War over, there were 32 stores and expansion was on the horizon.

    1950 Post War Expansion

    The 1950's were busy indeed. William E. Aubuchon, Jr., Willie's eldest son, was elected President in June, 1950. However, this does not mean that Willie retired. Indeed not! Until his death in 1971, he came to work daily, as did his brother John, who died 10 years later in 1981. Willie's other sons, Peter and Bernard, and John's sons, Paul and Gerard, also joined the Company during these years. The Post War 50's brought the addition of 22 new stores. Most of these new stores were in Vermont, with some in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. M. Marcus Moran, Sr., Willie's son-in-law, was in charge of the Realty Company and you can imagine how many leases he has had to read during his career!

    This picture taken in 1958 Standing from left to right are J. Paul Aubuchon; his father, John B. Aubuchon and William E. Aubuchon Jr. Sitting at the desk is William E. Aubuchon Sr.
    This is the fourth Fitchburg, MA location for store No. 1 located at 85 Fairmont Street.

    1960 A Decade of Rapid Growth

    The 1960's continued to see rapid expansion. The first store was opened in Connecticut (Putnam) as well as the first store in Maine (Wells). There were 43 stores added in that decade and to this day it remains the decade of most rapid store growth.

    1970 Warehouse Expansion

    As can be imagined, warehousing became a problem and Phase One of the new Westminster, MA Distribution Center was built in 1970. Phase Two was completed in 1973 and the offices were moved from Fitchburg to Westminster in 1974. Phase Three opened in 1990. In the meantime, store growth continued. The first New York store was opened in Port Henry in 1966. By the end of the 1970's, 28 new stores were part of the Company. And the first computer was brought on board. Of course during all of this time it must be remembered that not only were new stores being opened, but older stores were being moved, remodeled, or even closed. The Fixture Shop has consistently remained a viable link to the success of all this growth.

    This shows the distribution center located at 95 Aubuchon Drive in Westminster, MA. View of building is take on Route 2.
    Elephant and Glidden Paint Cans were normally seen at store events such as grand openings. Here is a picture infront of the distribution center from left to right are M. Marcus Moran Sr., Daniel P. Aubuchon, Donat C. Aubuchon, Peter J. Aubuchon Jr., William E. Aubuchon Jr., M. Marcus Moran Jr., Bernard W. Aubuchon Sr., William E. Aubuchon III, a carboard Mac McCaw and Peter J. Aubuchon Sr.

    1980 Paint Sales Growth

    Then came the decade of the 1980's. There were 36 new stores added. It was also the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Glidden Paint in 1980. This decade represented the most rapid sales growth in the history of the Company.

    1990 Third Generation Management

    The third generation of family management started in 90's with William E. Aubuchon, III and M. Marcus Moran, Jr. becoming CEO and President/Treasurer respectively. For the first time in company history, telephones were installed in the stores in 1992. In 1996 Aubuchon launched their first website

    Grand Openings always had the cutting of the chain. Here William E. Aubuchon III is giving a speach at our Shelburne, VT Grand Opening.
    M. Marcus Moran Jr. (left) and William E. Aubuchon III driving the Company into the 21st Century. They are sitting in a truck that was leased to us by Irwin tools to help us celebrate our 100 year anniversary.

    2000 Celebrating 100 Years

    On February 9th, 2008 Aubuchon Hardware celebrated its 100th anniversary and launched the Aubuchon Foundation, which provides funding to worthwhile local charities within the communities they serve. The end of 2009 into the beginning of 2010 we entered into an exclusive relationship with Benjamin Moore Paints.

    2010 To Present

    Today, under the direction of William E. Aubuchon IV, great grandson of the founder, the company continues to adapt to an ever changing retail environment with a relentless focus on retail innovation and customer convenience.

    Fourth generation of Aubuchon Management pictured left to right Joe Houssan, Mike Gregory, M. Marcus Moran Jr., Ken Moore, Bernard Aubuchon Jr., William E. Aubuchon III, Josiah Gates, Jeff Aubuchon, Scott Aubuchon, William E. Aubuchon IV. Missing from the picture is Mike Mattson.

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