First Alert Combination Smoke Alarm And Carbon Monoxide

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    First Alert Combination Smoke Alarm And Carbon Monoxide

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    The First Alert PRC700 Battery-Operated Combination Smoke & CO Alarm with Slim Design continues this trend by including a Photoelectric Sensor that's ideal for detecting slow smoldering fires and a Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical Gas Sensor that's ideal for increased accuracy while simultaneously reducing the chances of triggering nuisance alarms.

    Half the thickness of a standard alarm the First Alert Battery-Powered Smoke & CO Combo Alarm with Slim Design includes an easy twist mount for a near effortless installation. In addition, the PRC700 has an increasingly loud 85db sound output, powerful LED indicator, end of life signal, mute and single test/silence button so you can test your alarm regularly. Meeting UL217 standards, this alarm includes a 10-year limited warranty and is the perfect low-key addition for any number of home settings.

    Low profile design battery powered photoelectric smoke and CO combo alarm with silence feature. Tamper resistant - Locks alarm to mounting bracket to prevent removal of battery and/or alarm. Recommended for installation outside areas that are prone to nuisance alarms such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Combination alarms save time and money on installation.

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