Masterchem Kilz Original

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    • Oil-base primer with low VOC formula
    • Proven performance blocking severe stains and odors in Disaster Restoration
    • Easy sand original formula makes a great enamel undercoater
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    Masterchem Kilz Original

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    Masterchem Kilz Original

    item # 142885

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    Originally developed to replace pigmented shellac sealers. Can be topcoated with any latex or oil base paint. Can be used on almost all interior surfaces, only as a spot sealer on exterior applications. Not intended as a whole house primer. Blocks out most stains including water, smoke, redwood, ink, pencil and grease stains. Recommended for drywall, furniture, glossy or masonry surfaces, painted metal, paneling, plaster, stained areas and woodwork. Coverage will vary with porosity. Approximate 300 square feet on porous masonry surfaces, up to 400 square feet on smooth non-porous surfaces. Dry time 30 minutes, recoat in less than 1 hour. For clean up and thinning use mineral spirits or VMP Naptha. Do not thin for stain killing applications.
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