Certol International Acid Magic 1 Gal

Item #162362 by Certol International

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    Certol International Acid Magic 1 Gal

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    Certol International Acid Magic 1 Gal

    item # 162362

    $11.99 /each


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    Super strength acid that can't burn your skin. ACID Magic is a muriatic acid replacement that is the result of combining a buffer with hydrochloric acid, which renders the acid much safer. This product offers the advantages of powerful acids while significantly reducing health and safety risks. Excellent pH down, alkalinity reducer, and filter cleaner. Apply ACID Magic as an acid wash to remove rust, scale, mineral deposits, and stains from glass, tile, and porcelain surfaces in showers, locker rooms, and restrooms. ACID Magic reduces noxious fumes by up to 90%. It will not burn intact skin or protein of the body. By reducing the risk of acid burns and toxic fumes, it allows for safer handling, transportation, and storage. Due to reduced fuming, there is less corrosion to metal structures, including storage areas, pool equipment, and filtration systems. ACID Magic is equally active upon oxides of metal when compared with standard muriatic acid.
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