Cooper 15-Amp 2-Pole 3-Wire 125-Volt Duplex GFCI White VGF15V

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    Cooper 15-Amp 2-Pole 3-Wire 125-Volt Duplex GFCI White VGF15V

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    The Cooper Wiring Devices VGF15V 15-Amp 125-Volt Duplex Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) provides a high quality circuit connection and incorporates a first make/last break grounding design. This device features a large visual indicator light that-Feets gives a quick notification of a tripped or "end of life" condition. The longer and wider bridge strap provides 40-percent more contact area with the wallboard, virtually eliminating floating installations. The pre-wired plugs provide a 100-percent inspected and consistent torque setting for reliable connections to base devices. For safety measures, the lock-out function prevents mis-wired line load connections and GFCI circuitry damage.
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