Ratcheting Tie Downs, 16'x 1-1/4"

Item #189711 by Keeper Corporation

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    Ratcheting Tie Downs, 16'x 1-1/4"

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    Ratcheting Tie Downs, 16'x 1-1/4"

    item # 189711

    $27.99 /each


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    KEEPER® tie-downs are designed to fit the application, so you have the right tool to meet your needs. Tie-Downs are the fastest, easiest , and safest way to secure your cargo. Unlike rope and twine, they work without having to tie knots. These 16' x 1-1/4" Ratchet tie-downs with secure your cargo with maximum tension and minimum force, perfect for situations when you need proven dependability. This tie-down is designed for general purpose applications and is not reccommended for motorcycles or ATVs over 1,000 lbs. With a 1,000 lbs. load limit and 3,000 lbs. break strength, the Hi-Test® webbing provides outstanding strength and withstands even the toughest applications. The webbing resists abrasion and the full size, non-marring vinyl coated J-hooks won't rust, so you can rely on KEEPER® ratchet tie-downs to meet or exceed your light cargo needs.
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