Absorption Corp Carefresh Pet Bedding 50 Ltr

Item #504207 by Absorption Corp

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    Absorption Corp Carefresh Pet Bedding 50 Ltr

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    Absorption Corp Carefresh Pet Bedding 50 Ltr

    item # 504207

    $20.99 /each


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    The safest, healthiest bedding for your pet. Superior odor control. Super absorbent. Natural, biodegradable fiber allows for safe and easy disposal. Tested to protect your pet from chemical contaminants. Sanitized to 380 degrees (F). Reduces bacteria, mold, and fungus for healthier pets.Directions For Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Rabbits, and Similar Pets: Pour one to three inches into the bottom of the cage and empty weekly or as needed. Impaction and related problems are an inherent problem with any substrate. Seek veterinary care if your pet consumes large quantities of bedding. For Birds: Pour a layer of Carefresh on the bottom of the nest box or brooder adequate to cushion the size and type of bird you are raising. Change bedding as needed. While Carefresh is non-toxic, birds can become impacted just as they may with any bedding material. Observation and management will minimize impaction problems. Treat impacted crops promptly. For Reptiles: Line aquariums or displays with enough Carefresh to provide a soli
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