Zareba Systems Fence Controllerelectric 25 Miles

Item #506333 by Zareba Systems

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    Zareba Systems Fence Controllerelectric 25 Miles

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    Zareba Systems Fence Controllerelectric 25 Miles

    item # 506333

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    Designed With Special Circuitry And Transforms To Provide And Maintain Maximum Joules, Higher Voltage And Energy Levels As Fencing Conditions Become More Difficult. Compensates For And Overcomes Shorts Or Energy Drains. Will Not Ground Out On Wet Grasses, Heavy Weeds, Or Thick Brush. Polycarbonate Plastic Case Is Virtually Indestructible, Shock Proof And Flame Retardant. Will Not Rust, Dent Or Break. Watertight Seal Keeps Out Rain, Dripping Or Spraying Water. Includes Fence Line Indicator, Easy Access Lamp Fuse, Molded-In Mounting Brackets And Cord Restraint, Integral Interior Transformer Holders And Rustproof Binding Terminals That Are Easy To Adjust And Cannot Be Turned Off Or Lost. Will Energize Up To 25 Miles Of Fence. Built To Effectively Electrify Medium Systems Or Shorter Fences Where Concentrations Of Weeds/Brush Would Normally Cause Problems. 1 Output Joule. U.L. Listed. Low Fence Load: 2,000 OHMS, 1.32 JOULES, 9,640 VOLTS Medium Fence Load: 500 OHMS, 2.24 JOULES, 6,560 VOLTS. Heavy Fence Load:100 OH
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