Chem Quest Incredible Pink All Purpose Super Cleaner and Degreaser 1 Gal

Item #108673 by Chem Quest

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    • Incredible pink
    • All purpose super cleaner and degreaser
    • Perfect solution to all your cleaning needs
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    Chem Quest Incredible Pink All Purpose Super Cleaner and Degreaser 1 Gal

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    Works where others fail. A trusted formula since 1978, Incredible Pink has proven to outn perform most other cleaners. With its tremendous clenaing ability and it unlimited uses, Incredible Pink is surely the perfect solution to all your clenaing needs. Use for your home, automobile, RV, boat and much, much, more! Undoubtedly the most versatile product ever developed. This multi-purpose, water abase clenaer contains no petroleum solvents, yet out performs all known petroleum based degreasers.
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