Victor® Fast-Kill® Refillable Bait Stations, 9pk

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    Victor® Fast-Kill® Refillable Bait Stations, 9pk

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    Do you have pesky mice scurrying throughout your home? Do you find yourself struggling to catch them with a traditional snap trap? Take it from the professionals at Victor® when there’s a mouse infestation, we’ve got you covered.

    When a mouse makes its way into the walls of your home, they’re difficult to track and even more difficult to catch or kill. While snap traps and traditional mouse extermination kits still prove to be successful, rest assured that Victor® has the most reliable and most economical method on how to kill mice in walls to date: the Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station with 9 Bait Refills.

    As part of the fastest and most powerful single-feed non-anticoagulant on the market, the Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station works to control and contain more rodents with less bait per use. Simply place the bait block in the refillable station and store in areas where there are signs of rodent activity. The Fast-Kill® brand’s unique formula zeros in on rode
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