Irwin Tools Steel Bar Clamp 12"

Item #222190 by Irwin Tools

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    Irwin Tools Steel Bar Clamp 12"

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    Irwin Tools Steel Bar Clamp 12"

    item # 222190

    $18.99 /each


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    The Irwin 12" Steel 100 Series bar clamp has many improvements over competitors bar clamps that will allow you to do your work faster and easier. The handle has been enlarged and encased with a rubberized non-slip surface. The handle also has bevels to help with applying more torque. These new handle features allows it to be 25% easier to apply torque and also reduces hand fatigue. The bar is heat treated which gives you 33% less bar deflection. This allows you to save time and improves the flatness of the glue up. These features improves your hand load with a 50% greater load capacity than the closest competitor.
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