Schumacher Electric Battery Charger Automatic 12v

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    • 50 ampere engine start 10 ampere fast charge 2 ampere charge
    • For engine starting, charging and rugged use ?
    • Heavy duty transformer for long lasting, dependable service ?
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    Schumacher Electric Battery Charger Automatic 12v

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    Here’s a 12 volt starter/charger that gives you a lot of quality features for the money. It’s fully automatic and has LED lights to keep you informed of charger’s operation. Features: 50 amp engine start – for emergency starting. A 10 amp fast charge – for everyday charging needs. Charges in 3 to 5 hours.2 amp trickle charge – charges a small 12 volt battery in 2 to 12 hours. Has 2 LED lights – signal Power On and Fully Charged.
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