Benjamin Moore Fresh Start All Purpose Alkyd Primer White 1 Gal

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    Benjamin Moore Fresh Start All Purpose Alkyd Primer White 1 Gal

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    A premium quality alkyd primer for use as an undercoater, sealer or stain blocking primer. Formulated for suppressing most bleeding type stains including crayon, graffiti, grease marks, water stains, cedar and redwood bleed, asphalt, creosote, rust stains, and smoke. This all purpose primer can be used over oil or latex paint and performs equally well under all Benjamin Moore & Co. architectural finish coat products. Interior: use on previously painted surfaces or as an undercoater or sealer on wood, plywood, ceiling tile, Formica, Masonite, ceramic tile, and cured plaster. Excellent as a sealer and primer under new wallcoverings and can also be used as a primer coat over existing wallcoverings. Exterior: use on new or previously painted wood, aluminum, hardboard and vinyl siding, shingles, shakes, cured concrete, masonry, brick, and ferrous metal surfaces.
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