Scotts Lawn Care Ortho Ground Clear 1 Gal

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    Scotts Lawn Care Ortho Ground Clear 1 Gal

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    Scotts Lawn Care Ortho Ground Clear 1 Gal

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    Two-way actions kills and prevents weed and grass regrowth for up to 1 year. Eliminates unwanted vegetation from driveways, walks, patios and fence rows. For outdoor use only. Measure area to be treated. Calculate square feet by multiplying length times width. Pour one quart into sprinkling can and add 1 gallon of water. Allow to soak into the ground, avoiding runoff to nearby desirable plants. 1 gal. treats 300 sq. ft. Apply to bare ground or when weeds are present. If weeds are taller than 6 inches, cut down and remove before application. For best results apply when daytime temperature is at least 60 degrees. To prevent the growth of weeds under asphalt driveways, tennis courts, play areas and parking areas, apply before laying surface materials. If the area is not evenly covered, there may be some germination of weeds. When properly apply, one application will prevent weeds for one year. Do not use anywhere that you plan on planting or seeding desirable plants.
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