United Marketing Seafoam Motor Fuel Treatment 16 oz

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    United Marketing Seafoam Motor Fuel Treatment 16 oz

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    Seafoam motor treatment for gas and diesel engines. When added to fuels cleans injectors, cleans carb jets, fuel stabilizer, removes moisture from fuel & oil, Adds lubricity, frees lifters - rings, carbon clenaer, upper cylinder lube, and de-icer anti gel. Use in gas, ethanol, diesel or biodiesel. Use in oil. Use in injectors & carbon cleaning machines. Internal engine use only 2 cycle, 4 cycle diesels. This gasoline additive is safe for use in all gasoline engines. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road equipment engines. A 100% pure petroleum product for use in all gasoline and diesel type engine's, both 2-cycle and 4 cycle. Oxygen sensor safe. Cleans dirty engine parts internally by removing harmful gums, varnish and carbon. Works and performs isntantly. Removes moisture from oil crankcases and fuel tanks. Stabilizes and conditions fuels. Use for engine storage. Cures hesitations, stalls, pings and ro
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