Essex Electric Inc 10/3 Non Metallic W G X 100' Building Wire

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    • Primarily used in residential wiring in branch circuits for outlets, switches and other loads
    • May be run in air voids of masonry block or tile walls where not subject to excessive moisture or dampness
    • Rated for up to 600-voltage and 194 degree Fahrenheit (with ampacity limited to that for 140 degrees Fahrenheit conductors) as specified in NEC 1
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    Essex Electric Inc 10/3 Non Metallic W G X 100' Building Wire

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    Inner conductors are type THHN, rated 90 degrees Celsius, 600 volts. Solid strands. Outer jacket is PVC rated at 75 degrees Celsius. Amapcity of the product is limited to that for 60 degrees Celsius rated conductors per the National Electric Code Article336. Dwellings not exceeding 3 floors above grade. Exposed or concealed wiring. May be fished through walls, ceilings, and masonry blocks. Use for new wiring or replacement wiring. Only for use in normally dry locations. U.L. Listed. /2 = 2 Insulated Wires with Bare Ground. /3 = 3 Insulated Wires with Bare Ground.
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