GB Electrical Twist On Wire Guard #18 To #10 Awg

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    GB Electrical Twist On Wire Guard #18 To #10 Awg

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    Tight, square-wire spring threads directly onto conductors for fast connections with no slip. Tightens without ratcheting, easily removed for repeat usage on same size combination or larger. Fluted shell surface permits a firm grip for easy finger-tight connections. Thermoplastic shell shields against environmental extremes. Flame-retardant properties resist heat distortion up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. Superior flash-over protection. High-dielectric shell features deep skirt design to prevent exposure of bare wire. Buttress threads screw into wire insulation. For copper to copper connections only. GB-2 Blue: Min. 3 #22 - Max 3 #16 GB-3 Orange: Min. 3 #20 - Max. 4 #16 with 1 #20 GB-4 Yellow: Min. 1 #14 with 1 #18 - Max. 4 #14 GB-6 Red: Min. 2 #14 - Max. 2 #16 with 2 #12 No. GB-1 Gray: Min. 3 #22 - Max. 2 #16 wire combinations.
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