Wooster Brush Silver Tip Wall Paint 3"

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    • White and silver CT polyester filaments for excellent leveling and smoothing
    • Very soft formulation, feather stroke
    • Stainless steel ferrule
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    Wooster Brush Silver Tip Wall Paint 3"

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    Wooster Brush Silver Tip Wall Paint 3"

    item # 626723

    $11.99 /each


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    Silver Tip brushes are made from chemically tipped polyester. This filament is very thin, flexible and soft to virtually eliminate brushmarks. Silver Tip bushes have excellent leveling and smoothing properties with all paints, but are especially suited for applying enamels to metal, varnish or polyurethane on wood, and lighter or thinner water-based coatings. Rust-resistant brushed steel ferrule, birch hardwood handle.

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