MJSI Inc Hydroclean Toilet Fill Valve

Item #639359 by Mjsi Inc

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    • Water-saving toilet fill valve with built-in mini-valve that adjusts tank refill water level
    • Calibrates to adjust the exact amount of water needed to help save on water usage
    • Mini valve to control amount of water going back into the bowl
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    MJSI Inc Hydroclean Toilet Fill Valve

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    MJSI Inc Hydroclean Toilet Fill Valve

    item # 639359

    $14.99 /each


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    Saves water, detects leaks, and cleans tank. Easy to install. Adjusts to fit all brands. Thumb screw allows float adjustment without getting hands wet. Mini-valve allows adjustment of the amount of water directed to the bowl and can save thousands of gallons of water each year caused by overfilling the bowl. Float lock allows minor repairs in the tank without shutting off the water. Positive locking allows height adjustments with a simple 1/4 turn without needing to remove the valve from the tank. Smart Nut locks the valve into place without a wrench.
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