Lehigh Group/crawford All Purpose Poly Rope 1/4"x100'

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    Lehigh Group/crawford All Purpose Poly Rope 1/4"x100'

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    Because of its light weight, polypropylene is the only rope which floats. For this reason, it is very popular for pool markers and water sports. Poly is affected by sunlight deterioration, more so than any other synthetic or natural fiber rope, but its life can be extended by storing it away from direct sunlight. Poly begins to weaken and melt at 150°F, the lowest melting point of all synthetic ropes. It is not as strong as nylon or polyester, but 2-3 times stronger than manila. Because poly is less expensive than other fibers, it is the most popular all-purpose rope for the average consumer. Hollow braided poly can be spliced.
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