Oil Furnace Nozzle

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    Oil Furnace Nozzle

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    Oil Furnace Nozzle

    item # 125474

    $7.99 /each


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    Delavan oil nozzles are all bi-metal construction featuring brass body with stainless steel metering parts. The brass gives up heat faster after shutdown so that varnish and oil residue buildup, caused by high temperatures, is greatly reduced. Stainless steel is used in the orifice and distributor to provide the necessary durability in those parts where wear is a factor. Each nozzle is factory tested to assure spray quality, correct flow rate, and spray angle, and is shipped in a snap-tight plastic vail to protect against damage or contamination. Produces a spray patter which delivers fine droplets outside the periphery of the main cone. Enhances ignition and creates a very stable flame, especially well suited to fracitonal gallonage and flame retention burners, or with high viscosity oils.
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