Scotts Lawn Care Roundup Pump N Go Extended Control Grass and Weed Killer 1.33 Gal

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    Scotts Lawn Care Roundup Pump N Go Extended Control Grass and Weed Killer 1.33 Gal

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    The fast and easy way to kill weeds. The Pump 'N Go Sprayer system provides up to 5 minutes of continuous spray! Extendable wand provides greater accuracy without bending over. To use the Pump 'N Go® sprayer, connect the hose, extend wand, and pump container 15-20 times. Spray weeds thoroughly until wet. To store, relieve pressure pushing pump handle down, turning counter-clockwise, and tightening. Apply when weeds are actively growing. Be sure to spray when the air is calm to prevent drift to desirable plants. May be used around vegetable gardens. Also use on patios, walkways, driveways, gravel and mulch beds, around shrubs or trees, in flower beds, and along fences. Your coverage will vary based on the number of weeds treated and the size of the weeds in a given area. Ingredients: 2% Glyphosate, 2% Pelargonic and other related fatty acids. Has a 4 year shelf life.
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