Rebound Driveway Marker 4'

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    Rebound Driveway Marker 4'

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    Rebound Driveway Marker 4'

    item # 126500

    $6.99 /each


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    Most current markers are hard to install, especially in frozen or rocky ground. They bend, break and never last the season. They're easily knocked down by plows, passing vehicles even a hard snow. And in the process, they can damage vehicles, scraping them or puncturing tires. Add to that, markers can be expensive to buy year after year. The spring-mounted Rebound just bounces back - it can deflect 90° (flat to the ground) in any direction and the spring will return it to vertical. Long lasting, made out of top-quality materials. Firmly anchored into ground by an 8-inch metal spike. Easier and faster to install—even in frozen ground. Also easy to remove.
    Rebound Driveway Marker
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