JAWZ™ Rat and Chipmunk Snap Trap

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    JAWZ™ Rat and Chipmunk Snap Trap

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    JAWZ™ Rat and Chipmunk Snap Trap

    item # 660579

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    The Jawz™ trap is the perfect solution to your rodent control needs! A heavy duty plastic construction and a strong spring make for quick kills and easy cleanup, and give it the added strength needed to deal with larger rodents. Its plastic teeth are designed to break the rodent?s neck but not the skin, resulting in an easier cleanup and still delivering the same killing power as a conventional rodent trap. It also boasts a highly sensitive trigger to eliminate potential misfires and ensure higher catch rates. The 410 Jawz™ rat and chipmunk trap makes setup safe and easy! Its built-in reservoir allows you to place bait inside the trap before setting it, eliminating the accidental tripping that can occur during the loading of conventional traps. A red display sign allows you to see at a glance whether your trap is set. When it comes time to clean, simply press down on the same bar you used to set it, and dispose of any captured critters. These traps are also reusable - rinse clean after use, insert new
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