USP Connectors 30" Post Up

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    USP Connectors 30" Post Up

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    USP Connectors 30" Post Up

    item # 665621

    $27.99 /each


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    Install wooden posts permanently or temporarily without digging for heavy-duty applications such as long runs of fencing, corner and gate posts, larger wooden gym sets, detached patio decking, wooden sidewalks, seasonal docks, and more. Removable Forcefit clamps, 2-piece construction, increases unit strength and eliminate welds which are potential weak spots. Reverse spike blades offer lateral soil resistance, increased stability, and allows driving without rotating for easy post alignment. Welded steelconstruction with high tech baked-on finish, rust resistant and 100% environmentally safe. Installation wood block included with each unit. Application information and installation instructions labeled on each. Matte black finish.
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