Husqvarna Pro Forest Protective Helmet

Item #128865 by Husqvarna

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    Husqvarna Pro Forest Protective Helmet

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    Husqvarna Pro Forest Protective Helmet

    item # 128865

    $54.99 /each


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    The helmet is complete with visor, hearing protectors, sun peak and neck guard. Made of polyethylene (PE) which has a high resistance to UV-light and chemicals. The helmet has been tested and meets the requirements of EN 397 and ANSI Z89.1 - 2009 type 1 Class E & G. It compiles with requirements for 440V, molten metal and low temperature (-40°C/-40°F). A table has been engraved in the shell, which makes it possible to "date mark", the helmet with the date of sale or recommended replacement date. The earmuffs can be adjusted vertically and sideways and ensure good noise exclusion, despite low pressure. Hearing protectors have been tested and meets the requirements of EN 352-3 26dB (A) SNR. ANSI S3. 19-1974 24 dB NRR. The nylon/metal mesh visor, which is easily raised or lowered, provides good visibility and good water run-off. Mesh visor has been tested and meets the requirements of EN1731. It is recommended that protective glasses be worn in conjuction with the visor.
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    531 30 00-90