Super Clean Brands Superclean Cleaner Gallon

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    • Highly effective for extreme cleaning
    • For your greasiest, grimiest, toughest tasks, super clean gets the job done
    • Great for automotive applications
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    Super Clean Brands Superclean Cleaner Gallon

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    Super Clean Brands Superclean Cleaner Gallon

    item # 669456

    $12.99 /each


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    If you have tough, caked-on grease, then SuperClean Tough Task Cleaner-Degreaser is the multipurpose cleaner you need. This concentrated, industrial strength formula quickly removes grease, oil, wax, tar, and dirt on contact leaving your surface as clean as new. Indoor Cleaning Uses: Drain Opener / Floorwax Remover / Garbage Disposals / Ovens / Scuffmarks / Fireplaces / Shop Equipment / Stove Hoods & Exhaust Fans / Tools / Appliances / Plastic Blinds / Pre-Soak Pots and Pans / Tubs and Showers / Vinyl Wallpaper / Laundry Pre-Soak / Microwaves & Stove Tops / Porcelain / Sinks / Counter Tops / Stainless Steel / Synthetic Carpet / Vinyl & Tile Floors / Walls Outdoor Cleaning Uses: Barbeque Grills / Chainsaws / Concrete / Lawn Mowers / Plastic Furniture / Pool Areas / Tools / Garbage Containers / Patio Umbrellas / Canvas Awnings Auto Cleaning Uses: Auto Parts / Engines / Tires / Underbodies / Carpets / Rubber Floormats / Vinyl Seats / Dashboards / Upholstery / Chrome / Stainless Steel
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