Macco Adhesives Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive Tan 10.5 oz

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    Macco Adhesives Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive Tan 10.5 oz

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    Flexible, permanently-bonding synthetic rubber/resin specially formulated not to desilver electro-copper plated mirrors. Offers strong vertical hold and stays flexible, will not become brittle over time. Heat and steam resistant. Recommended for bondingelectro-copper plated mirrors to wood, drywall, metal, painted surfaces, concrete, and primed or sealed plaster. 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit service temperature. Not recommended for exterior use, acrylic mirrors, wallcovering, wallpaper, treated wood, orfoam board. 10-minute work time, 60% strength in 24 hours. Cleanup with mineral spirits. Use in 2" to 3" diameter globs for every sq.ft., covers 5 sq.ft. of mirror.
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