Primesource Building Slant Joist Hanger Triple Zinc 2"x8"

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    Primesource Building Slant Joist Hanger Triple Zinc 2"x8"

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    Double shear nailing for fewer nails and faster installation. Dimples allow for 45 degree nailing through joist into header, resulting in higher loads and less nailing, and eliminate need for shorter joist nails in 2x applications. Meets ICBO 5356, ICBO5441, SBCCI 9747, SBCCI 9851A; BOCA 97-39, BOCA 98-15, L.A. City RR25327, L.A. City RR25361; Dade County, FL 98-0421.06 and Dade County, FL 97-1215.07 codes. For additional information including allowable loads and fasteners, Please See USP Lumber Connectors charts in the Orgill paper catalog D10 Reference Pages.
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