Premium Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth 16 inch

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    Premium Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth 16 inch

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    Premium Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth 16 inch

    item # 134042

    $7.99 /each


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    The Norton premium microfiber cleaning cloth is designed for general dry or wet cleaning applications. Spray the cloth with water until slightly damp to trap more dirt and debris. The microfiber cloth softly cleans delicate surfaces without scratching and can be used with or without chemicals. Microfiber is a single fiber that has been split more than 15 times, creating millions of spaces between the fibers, which then trap dirt, grime or liquids, making this product highly absorbent. The V-shaped splits have edges that collect debris (as opposed to pushing debris away). Particles trapped between the fibers are released when the cloth is machine-washed or rinsed. Microfiber is scratch-resistant, but may pick up debris that can scratch. For best results, microfiber cloths should be cleaned often.
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