GE 60W Halogen Floodlight Bulb, 2pk

Item #134097 by GE Electric

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    • Energy efficient halogen light bulb
    • Halogen bulbs deliver clean white light
    • Unsurpassed light quality adds depth, drama and interest to any room
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    GE 60W Halogen Floodlight Bulb, 2pk

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    GE 60W Halogen Floodlight Bulb, 2pk

    item # 134097

    $23.99 /each


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    GE energy-efficient halogen bulbs deliver crisp, white light. This unsurpassed light quality is ideal for adding depth, drama and interest to any room or outdoor space. These GE energy-efficient halogen floodlights use less energy than standard halogen bulbs, saving money on energy. GE energy-efficient halogen floodlights feature lenses designed to provide a precise beam pattern, dispensing broad beams of crisp, white light throughout your home. Use these bulbs in indoor track and recessed fixtures or outdoor security fixtures instead of regular incandescent and create a dramatic effect.
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