Easy Pour Watering Can 2.6 gallon

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    Easy Pour Watering Can 2.6 gallon

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    Easy Pour Watering Can 2.6 gallon

    item # 134602

    $14.99 /each


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    This Fiskars Easy Pour 2.6 gallon Spout Watering Can's unique separate handles for carrying and pouring make both tasks easier for the user. The can's large capacity helps reduce trips back and forth to the sink or water hose. This shower watering can's dual handle design aids the use of multiple hand positions, allowing the user to find what's most comfortable and convenient for them. The nozzle of this spout watering can is adjustable to alter the flow of water being poured. A steady stream of water can be used or the spout can be turned to have this product act as a shower watering can for a gentler touch on delicate plants. The filling hole on this Fiskars watering can is located on the side for easy filling that isn't blocked by the handles.
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