W.M. Barr Branded Sales Rain X Waterproofer Gallon

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    W.M. Barr Branded Sales Rain X Waterproofer Gallon

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    Rain-X® water-beading technology helps prevent water from penetrating and damaging surfaces –instead water simply beads up and just evaporates away Rain-X® Multi-Surface Clear Water Sealer exceeds industry standards for water repellency by 47% and outscores the leading waterproofer by 19% Only Rain-X® offers you Mold Armor® Antimicrobial Protection that shields the dried finish from damaging mold and mildew growth With Rain-X® you can clean and seal surfaces the same day -- other products can make you wait up to 48 hours between cleaning and waterproofing Rain-X® goes on milky white so you can see where you’ve applied, then dries clear Unlike the leading competitor, Rain-X® Multi-Surface Clear Water Sealer won’t discolor concrete Plus, Rain-X® Multi-Surface Clear Water Sealer cleans up with just soap and water
    W.m. Barr Branded Sales
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