Speedbor Blue Groove Drill Bit 3/4 inch

Item #136361 by Irwin

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    Speedbor Blue Groove Drill Bit 3/4 inch

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    Speedbor Blue Groove Drill Bit 3/4 inch

    item # 136361

    $12.99 /each


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    This Irwin Speedbor 3/4 inch by 16-inch Extra-Long Spade Bit cuts clean holes quickly. Two spurs clear away stock while you work and their position at the edge of the flat head ensures they capture rough edges before they splinter. This Irwin flat drill bit reduces chips while you bore through wood, so your holes maintain clean, circular edges with minimal imperfections. It measures 16 inch long to increase your reach through wide stock and it features a Blue-groove cutting edge to increase cutting speed. This edge has an extra-sharp lip and a point that guides the bit down into the surface of your material, so you retain control as the bit moves deeper. The flat wood drill bit slices away at the edges of the holes to create clean cuts.
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