Well Traveled Living Fireplace Outdoor, Red

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    Well Traveled Living Fireplace Outdoor, Red

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    Well Traveled Living Fireplace Outdoor, Red

    item # 136734

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    The original Well Travelled Living, 28" Bon Fire outdoor patio fireplace in red is the ultimate mobile patio fireplace. With a porcelain enamel bowl and lid, and a steel grate inside for wood, you can enjoy the outdoors a little more. It's high-temperature painted center fire screen is durable, and it has convenient wheels and wooden handle grips allow you to position this unique item in the perfect spot for your outdoor entertaining! The powder-coated steel support frame means it will be around for a while, and the silver high temperature painted center steel fire screen keeps the fire contained but visible for an enitre 360 degree view, so more guests can enjoy at once! The patented center door allows easy access to the fire for adding more wood, roasting marshmallows for s'mores and much more.
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