Leader Evaporator Sap Plastic Bucket 3 Gal

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    Leader Evaporator Sap Plastic Bucket 3 Gal

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    Leader Evaporator Sap Plastic Bucket 3 Gal

    item # 137129

    $6.99 /each


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    he plastic sap bucket is the newest member of our sap bucket line. This 3 gallon plastic sap bucket is made to stand up to the riggors of sap collection. The bucket has a hole that fits perfectly on hooked spouts. These plastic buckets are stackable and durable to be bounced around in the wagon or trailer during tapping. Plastic is a great alternative to galvanized because it will not dent when dropped, or rust if not keep very dry during the off-season. The plastic sap bucket is made with FDA approved material.
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