Emsco Group Superhero Intro Snowboard 42"

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    Emsco Group Superhero Intro Snowboard 42"

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    Emsco Group Superhero Intro Snowboard 42"

    item # 507434


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    This snowboard is appropriate for children ages 5 to 10 and up to 75 lbs. It is perfect for entry-level snowboarding, making it a great fit for novice kids. Beginners will find the ergonomic design helpful in their quest to learn this exciting snow sport. It has a compact, near-perfect design that is well suited for children. It is recommended to start on low slopes when beginning training. Stable, wide, flat-bottom design builds confidence. Step-in soft bindings with adjustments for regular or goofy-foot position. The Free Ride Snowboard can be used to practice easy moves and novice tricks. It’s user-friendly, so kids will be able to ride it without feeling any pressure. It also allows children to familiarize themselves with the feel of being on a snowboard before hitting the slopes. Kids can practice basic snowboarding techniques and learn to stay in control while riding down a hill.
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