Green Supreme Blended Wood Pellets, 40 Lbs Bag

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    • Premium-grade blended wood pellets, 90% hardwood and 10% softwood.
    • Clean burning and high heat with low ash.
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    Green Supreme Blended Wood Pellets, 40 Lbs Bag

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    Green Supreme Blended Wood Pellets, 40 Lbs Bag

    item # 129991


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    Green Supreme Wood Pellet Hardwood & Softwood Blend. Green Supreme Premium Pellet Fuel is manufactured by the largest pellet manufacturer in the northeastern US, New England Wood Pellet LLC. Green Supreme is a high quality, premium grade pellet fuel made from a special blend of 90% hardwood and 10% softwood and are 100% wood with no additives or fillers, giving you great heat output and a cleaner burn.
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